White House briefing on unidentified objects in U.S. airspace

Lawmakers have called on the Biden administration to reveal more information about the downed object, saying they have so far received little information.

“I think there should be more transparency – I believe it can be provided in a way that protects national security, sources and methods,” Mori.ron wydenthe Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee, said on Monday.

Mori.Gary PetersThe chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee said he had three calls with Pentagon officials over the weekend with Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. He said he learned only what the news media had already reported.

“We still have open questions about what we know,” he said. “Tomorrow, when they go into a classified environment, we’ll be asking probing questions,” Peters added, noting that his weekend call was unclassified.

Democratic Mori.jon testerHe, who chairs the defense appropriations subcommittee, said he doesn’t think the U.S. has a protocol for what to do with these items, and he plans to use the appropriations process to find out “what they know, when they know it, and what the plan is.”

Senior member of the Senate Intelligence Committee Marco RubioThe Republican said he believed there was “poor communication and disclosure” and called on President Joe Biden to address the unidentified object issue.

“I think they are [the American people] Need to hear from the president, maybe like saying ‘you know, we don’t know what they are, we’re doing everything we can to find out, that’s why we shot them down,'” Rubio said.

republicans Mori.mitt romney Warning against “getting too excited” about balloons and unidentified objects as there are still many questions about what they are.

“I think we get a little excited about objects that don’t quite know what they are — balloons, weather balloons — let’s find out what they are before we get too excited,” he said.

Another Republican, Mori. Todd Young, a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said there was “a lot to learn” before assessing whether the downed object was properly disposed of.

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