Wellesley Business Buzz: Pink for Ellie Fund; Stretch Lab Ribbon Cutting; Wellesley Books Author Interview Returns; Real Estate Revival; Football Signup

The latest business news in Wellesley, MA:

Wellesley dyes Ellie Fund pink

Ellie Fund, WellesleyKeep an eye out for Wellesley retailers who are turning the town pink in honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month with decorated storefronts and pink-themed campaigns. Some businesses will donate a percentage of sales or collect donations to support the Ellie Fund.

Ellie Fund support runs throughout Wellesley throughout the week from October 1st to 8th. More information on Wellesley Square attendees and the Linden Square event.

The Ellie Fund’s mission is to provide essential support services for breast cancer patients to relieve the stress of everyday life with a focus on family, recovery and recovery. The foundation provides free transportation to medical appointments, light housekeeping, nutrition and grocery assistance, childcare reimbursement, prepared/delivered nutritious meals and comprehensive treatment services. No proof of financial need, residency or citizenship is required. To donate to the Ellie Fund, click here.

StretchLab in Linden Square gains new ownership

It’s not an exaggeration to say Dr. Jamie Snead is qualified to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of studios offering one-on-one stretches as a way to keep clients flexible and prevent injury. Not only is Jamie (because he prefers being in the studio) the director of orthopaedics at Attleboro Strong Memorial Hospital, he also participates in the StretchLab training program, which he declares is “very intense.”

StretchLab Wellesley
StretchLab owners Dr. Jamie Snead (wearing hat) and Kelly Snead (wielding scissors) at the grand opening. Local celebrities attended, including Select Committee member Beth Sullivan Woods (far left, bright blue) and Lise Elcock of the Charles River Regional Chamber of Commerce.

The idea behind one-on-one stretches is that certified “jiu-jitsu specialists” work individually with clients to identify tightness and imbalances, and customize the stretching routine. The goal is to experience the freedom that comes with a greater range of motion and flexibility.

Jamie and his spouse and business partner Kelly came across the StretchLab franchise a few years ago while vacationing in Arizona. They tried a sample stretch and were impressed. “When we got back here, we looked into it and ended up buying the existing Wellesley Linden Square franchise,” she said.

When I was there for the studio’s grand opening, one of the flexion specialists gave my twitching hip flexors a 30-minute workout. Although I still need a hip replacement (they are flexionists, not miracle workers), I leave feeling my joints benefit from the attention. Most importantly, the young woman I worked with listened. There was no painful pressure when she stretched me out, and she didn’t make sudden movements during the treatment.

Business: stretching lab
Place: Lyndon Square, Wellesley (opposite CVS Drive)
Telephone: 339-217-0217

Sign up now for Wellesley Youth Soccer

Wellesley FootballEnrollment remains open for Wellesley Youth Soccer’s pre-K through third grade in-city programs and additional professional leadership development programs for pre-K through fifth grades.

Sign up today at www.wellesleysoccer.org or email admin@wellesleysoccer.org

Author Visit from Wellesley Books

In-person author interviews are back at Wellesley Books, so I stopped by to see best-selling dynamic writer duo Julie Murphy and Sierra Simone promoting their joint efforts on their tour, One happy little meets cuteWith candid scenes about mental health struggles, advances in sex work, queer self-acceptance, and more, this holiday-themed novel is no ordinary romantic comedy. Common to the genre is the fun, orgies, and hilarity of romance novels.

Julie Murphy (left) and Sierra Simone (right) talk about their holiday rom-com at Wellesley Books, A Merry Little Meet Cute
Julie Murphy (left) and Sierra Simone (right) talk about their holiday rom-com, A happy little meets cuteat the Wellesley Bookstore

Julie is the author of the Y/A book dumpling‘ (and a Netflix adaptation starring Jennifer Aniston), about a self-proclaimed fat girl who enters an annual beauty pageant in a small Texas town. Sierra, as she deftly points out as she reads, writes “a bit spicy. I tend to write more about the forbidden stuff.” The medieval corset ripper containing ancient and sexy secrets is right in her wheelhouse inside.

It all starts in the back seat of a van

Julie and Sierra shine in a sold-out read that lets viewers learn about the origin stories of their own best friends. Like many meet-cute stories, theirs begins in the back of a van at the start of the writer’s journey. Jolie has agreed to go on tour, but has a whole bunch of misgivings. “I’m not very good with strangers. And I’m not very good at sharing a room with people I don’t know. I like my privacy,” she revealed to the audience.

Jolie is ready to hate her touring roommate, Sierra, and her leader is ready for everything. “Hi, I’m Julie Murphy, and sometimes I snore,” she said, introducing herself.

“It’s okay,” Sierra said. “I have narcolepsy, I can sleep in anything.”

That was eight years ago, and they’ve been best friends ever since. One happy little meets cute It started when the couple retreated to a cabin in remote Oklahoma on Christmas Eve. Here, Julie and Serra discover they can let themselves work at their own pace. “These cabins are always decorated for Christmas and it really creates an atmosphere,” Julie said.

out of that mood A happy little meets cuteSierra says it’s a super-sized rom-com about “an adult content creator who works with an adult entertainment producer with a heart of gold. He doesn’t do adult movies like he does. It’s as lucrative as it needs to be right now. So he thought what if he broke into the holiday movie business to make quick money?”

Of course, the star of the clean-cut Hallmark-esque movie has to keep her regular appearances in adult filmmaking a secret. Of course, someone on the set knew her secret. Things can get so steamy in Notch Town at Christmas that the snow is starting to melt.

NOTE: Despite Sierra’s Y/A seal, this book is not for your young adult reader.

Book: One happy little meets cute
author: Julie Murphy and Sierra Simone
Publisher: Harper Collins

What’s behind Wellesley’s ‘real estate renaissance’?

The Charles River Area Chamber of Commerce presents an online panel discussion on Wellesley’s “Real Estate Revival” on October 6 (12pm-1pm), a recent topic Boston Globe The article was written by a reporter who interviewed Mr. Yu. Swellesley and other locals. Online courses are free for members and $20 for non-members.

Wellesley’s real estate operations include new restaurants and retailers, a new multifamily development, and the early stages of a biolab.

The speaker

tomorrow: Wellesley’s zoomed-in restaurant scene

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