Star Wars Andor Writer Explains Why He Doesn’t Use Volume Tech

With more Star Wars content today than ever, and Andor’s release date just around the corner, the new Star Wars franchise is a little different from its predecessors. We spoke with the show’s author, Tony Gilroy, about his decision not to use The Volume technology.

Since the sci-fi series The Mandalorian used The Volume to create stunning landscapes, various Star Wars TV series have used the technology to great effect. However, Andor doesn’t use this technology, and we’re curious as to why.

In an interview with The Digital Fix, Gilroy, who also wrote the Star Wars movie Rogue One, told us why The Volume wasn’t part of Andor’s production process.

“There’s a lot of misinformation about this. Volume is an amazing development in filmmaking and it’s only getting better, cheaper and easier to use. The problem is, you have to choose what kind of show you want to make. Maybe a big movie like Bond or something can say “Okay, we’re going to do these three scenes on The Volume and we’re going to actually do the rest. “We didn’t have that chance,” Gilroy said.

“Our workflow is very much an either-or situation. Volume means you do all the post-production work first, then you shoot your plate and do everything on stage, and then you’re done, ‘ Gilroy explained. “For us, we go out and shoot, shoot, shoot, and we add all the posts. It’s not a great workflow mix, so there’s no opportunity to do both; sometimes we want to, but you just do not.”

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You’ll have to wait until September 21 to see if the decision to drop The Volume was the right one, when Andor’s first three episodes will air on the streaming service Disney Plus.

Until then, why not check out our interview with Andorran star Diego Luna. Or, for more general Star Wars content, check out our list of the best Star Wars characters.

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