San Francisco’s beloved Outerlands restaurant has new owners.

The new owner of Outer Sunset’s much-loved Outerlands restaurant has taken over, but he doesn’t plan to make too many changes.

Dave Muller and Lana Porcello, who run Outerlands at 4001 Judah St. For 14 years, the business has been sold to Riley Barlett. An Outer Sunset native, Bartlett has worked as general manager at top Bay Area restaurants including Pizzeria Delfina, Spruce and Piccino, and met Muller and Porcello while dining at Outerlands over the years. Last summer, they hired him as general manager to help restaurants reopen for the first time since the 2020 pandemic.

They announced the change of ownership last week. Outerlands is temporarily closed during the transition period and will reopen for brunch on Saturday, October. 1. Porcello said in an interview that she and Mueller had been looking for someone to take over Outland.

“He has an extensive restaurant background in some of our favorite places, so we knew he had the experience to do the job,” Porcello said. “But what’s most important to us is the dedication he has shown, as we have worked together over the past year, to the staff and the community.”

Outerlands' beloved levain bread.

Outerlands’ beloved levain bread.

John Storey/The Chronicle Special

Outerlands is arguably one of San Francisco’s most popular restaurants and a staple of the Outer Sunset community. Its fruit-filled Dutch baby pancakes and grilled cheese served on thick homemade levain bread with tomato soup have long attracted locals and tourists alike.

Bartlett said he plans to continue that legacy. The brunch menu will remain the same. Former Tartine baker Suzanne Murphy will go on to make Outerlands’ popular breads and pastries, such as giant sticky loaves crowned with seasonal fruit. All employees stayed, Bartlett said.

Dinner, which Outerlands hasn’t served since before the pandemic, will return in October. Fans of Outerlands can look forward to new dishes as well as some of its favorites, including the burgers the restaurant used to highlight on its weekly burger nights. There will also be pasta, grilled chicken and rotating seasonal dishes for dine-in and takeaway. The restaurant will take reservations again.

Outerlands bartender Jeremy Lucca-Flaherty talks to customers in 2014. He took the new owner back to the Outer Sunset restaurant.

Outerlands bartender Jeremy Lucca-Flaherty talks to customers in 2014. He took the new owner back to the Outer Sunset restaurant.

John Storey/The Chronicle Special

Finally, patrons can enjoy cocktails at the Outerlands Bar. The restaurant’s former bar manager, Jeremy Lucca-Flaherty, is back, working on a drink menu.

“Obviously, quality food, quality drink is very important,” Bartlett said, “but as a gathering place for the community, that’s my main goal – to make sure everyone is welcome and it’s our little beach The center of the town.”

Outerlands will continue to serve brunch Thursday-Monday 9am-3pm When dinner begins, hours will be changed to dinner Wednesday-Sunday 5am-10pm and Friday-Sunday 9am-3pm brunch

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