Palm Desert Business Incentive Program Helps Local Businesses Thrive

The City of Palm Desert has launched several incentive programs to help local businesses thrive, and there are already plans to use them to get more people in their doors.

Palm Desert has created three programs that local businesses can participate in. One plan is to invest in Palm Desert, which includes $650,000 to help help new and existing businesses expand. The other two are the Unite Palm Desert Security Camera System Grant Program and the Bicycle Rack Incentive Program.

Through the Bike Rack Rewards program, the city buys and installs bike racks in front of stores for free.

Two of the bike racks have been installed in El Paseo’s gardens. “This is a fantastic opportunity for owners to provide cyclists with attractive and convenient bike parking,” said the general manager of the garden.

While the program is helping some stores do business, another program is helping customers and employees feel safe inside and outside the store.

This is part of the Unite Palm Desert Security Camera System Grant Program. It offers businesses up to $500 to buy and install cameras.

Shannon Shea, who owns Elder Love USA Thrift & Boutique, said that since she used the program and installed her camera, it has stopped theft.

“We’ve had virtually no theft or shoplifting incidents since we installed the cameras, which is a great deterrent and I think it’s reassuring our employees,” explains Shea.

While Shea sees cameras as a good precaution, she’s also relieved to know that if something happened in her store with an employee or customer and it would be recorded, she’d be relieved.

All programs are still accepting applications. You can find more information on the City of Palm Desert website.

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