Nordson Stock: Good Business, But Too Expensive to Buy Here (NASDAQ: NDSN )

Automatic pick and place machines can quickly mount components on common circuit boards. Electronics and circuit board manufacturing.bright environment

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Nordson (NASDAQ: NDSN) is an industrial company focused on precision technology that handily beat the S&P 500 over the past decade.Nordson is said to be a quality business, let’s see if it lives up to its name

Ten Years of Nordson Excellence

Nordson’s Decade of Performance (Koyfin)

Nordson End Markets

Nordson Terminal Market (Nordson Investor Presentation)

income EBITDA margin Expected CAGR % of total revenue
Industrial Precision $1.337 billion 35% 3+% 51%
medical liquid $690 million 40% 5+% 27%
Advanced technology $563 million 25% 5+% twenty two%

Nordson M&A Strategy

Nordson M&A Strategy (Nordson Investor Presentation)

Nordson's Margin Profile

Nordson’s Margin Profile (Koyfin)

Nordson Inverse DCF Model

Nordson Inverse DCF Model (Author Model)

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