NFL insiders say San Francisco 49ers will still be Trey Lance’s team next season

Unless backup quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo wins the Super Bowl, the San Francisco 49ers are still on track to make Tre Lance their starter in 2023.

The 49ers had a pretty embarrassing offseason that’s now led to an odd season. Despite leading the team to the NFC Championship earlier this year, starting QB veteran Jimmy Garoppolo was removed and the organization decided to fully embrace the 3-point era team. However, this new era didn’t get off to a great start in the first week of the 2022 NFL season.

Against the Bears, he threw for just 164 yards, an interception and no touchdowns in a shock loss in Chicago. In Week 2, the 2021 first-round pick had just three passes before the end of the season because of an ankle injury.

Fortunately for San Francisco, the organization’s decision not to trade Garoppolo this offseason surprised many — though they did try. The decision could spark a quarterback controversy if Lance struggled, but that was avoided due to the young QB’s injury.

Trey Lance at San Francisco 49ers meeting four days after ankle surgery

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