Mississippi shooting: Gunman kills six in country town, including ex-wife and step-dad | US News

A gunman has killed six people, including his ex-wife and stepfather, in a mass shooting in Mississippi.

The killings took place at multiple locations in Alcabutra, Tate County, a rural town near the state border Tennessee.

Suspect Richard Dale Crum, armed with a shotgun and two pistols, killed a man in the driver’s seat of his truck parked outside a store.

He then moved to a nearby house where he shot his ex-wife and wounded her now husband.

Finally, the 52-year-old went to the area where his home was located, and the police found the bodies of his stepfather and step-sister in the house next door.

The bodies of two workers were also found, one in the car and the other on the road.

Crumb was arrested at the scene.

The shooting took place in Aquabutra, Mississippi
The incident happened at multiple locations, one of which was outside a store

“That’s the scary part”

Crumb was initially arrested for killing Chris Eugene Boyce, 59, in his truck.

The other victims have been identified as Debra Crum, 60; Charles Manuel, 76; John Rory, 59; George McCain, 78; Lynda McCain, 20.

“Everyone commits crime and we have violent crime from time to time, but certainly not this serious,” Tate County Sheriff Brad Lance said.

“Not being able to say what triggered this is the scary part.”

Witness Ethan Cash told television network WREG-TV he checked Mr Boyce’s pulse after hearing gunshots from inside his home.

Law enforcement officers gather next to the vehicle of a shooting victim outside a gas station convenience store in Arkabutla, Mississippi, U.S., February 17, 2023. REUTERS/Maria Alejandra Cardona
Police next to the vehicle of one of the victims

“It’s a different story”

Norma Washington told The Associated Press that Mr. Boyce was her nephew. She said he and his brother Doug had been clearing out property they had inherited from their late uncle and he fled the scene unharmed.

“I lost my brother and now I’ve lost this,” Ms Washington said. “That’s another story.”

It’s unclear if Crumb knew either of the brothers.

Arkabutla, about 50 kilometers (30 miles) south of Memphis, Tennessee, is home to 285 residents. It is located near Lake Arkabutla, a popular fishing and recreational destination reservoir.

Resident April Wade said the community is small and most people know each other.

“I thought it was crazy,” she said. “You wouldn’t expect something like this to happen so close to home.”

President Joe Biden said he and first lady Jill Biden were mourning the six victims and praying for the survivors. He urged Congress to reform gun laws to address what he called the “epidemic” of gun violence.

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