LG&E-KU to close business offices by 2024.what customers should know

LG&E-KU, a major natural gas and electricity provider across the state, announced that it will close all 26 of its operating offices by the end of 2024, including its downtown Louisville office.

In a press release from the company in December, it said the decision to close all brick-and-mortar locations was due to fewer face-to-face transactions with customers who relied more on self-service such as LG&E apps, online accounts or robocalls. Since 2014, LG&E-KU door visits have dropped 42%, said Liz Pratt, LG&E-KU media relations manager.

“A number of factors influenced this decision, including a reduction in customer door visits, increased staffing challenges exacerbated by the pandemic, increased use by customers of our self-service channels available 24/7, and best-of-breed utility company The practice is moving away from the walk-in center model,” Pratt told The Courier-Journal.

There are approximately 70 employees in each office. Pratt said the company is working to find other opportunities for those employees.

Here is information about office closures:

When are LG&E offices closed?

Ongoing infrastructure upgrades to LG&E's and KU's high-voltage transmission systems will enhance reliability, reduce outages and boost economic development.

Office closures are expected to be phased in, with seven KU offices scheduled to close on March 31. KU has a total of 25 business offices in the coverage area. Louisville has a business office at 820 West Broadway. LG&E has not announced a scheduled closure date.

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