Former US President Jimmy Carter to receive hospice at home after series of brief hospitalizations | US News

Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter, 98, has decided to receive hospice care and “spend the remainder of his time at home with his family,” according to a statement.

The Carter Center said Saturday that the former U.S. leader had undergone a series of brief hospitalizations.

The oldest living former U.S. president chose end-of-life care “over additional medical intervention,” the statement said.

It said he had the full support of his medical team and family, “asked for privacy at this time and thanked his many admirers for the concern they have shown”.

In recent years, the Georgia native has suffered from multiple health issues, including melanoma that has spread to his liver and brain.

Following the news, many senior US politicians sent their thoughts and prayers to Mr Carter’s family.

The Rev. Raphael Warnock, R-Georgia, tweeted: “President Jimmy Carter was a man of strong faith who walked with God. God certainly walked with him during this tender time of transition.

“May he, Rosalynn and the entire Carter family find comfort in this peace and be surrounded by our love and prayers.”

Likewise, Senator Chuck Schumer of New York said he was “in his prayers for President Carter and his family.”

After taking office, Mr. Carter largely withdrew from electoral politics and instead opened the Carter Center, which marked its 40th anniversary last year, with his wife and former first lady, Rosalynn, 95.

The center, which paved the way for the former president’s decades-long global advocacy for democracy, public health and human rights, is now run by the couple’s grandson, James Carter.

In a tweet on Saturday, he said he recently met both of his grandparents. “They are at peace, and as always – their home is full of love,” he wrote.

Mr Carter, whose liver mass was removed in 2015 and declared no further treatment the following year, expressed satisfaction with his longevity, saying: “Whatever happens, I am very relieved.

“My life is exciting, adventurous and fulfilling.”

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