Flower Shop X The Coffee Shop Detroit opens in Dearborn Heights

Why open a separate flower shop when you can have a coffee shop in the same space?

That’s what the Dearborn family does, so inside The Flower Shop Detroit X The Coffee Shop Detroit, you can get specialty coffee drinks with names like Pink Poppy, White Orchid, Black Dahlia and Rose Sangria, yes , named after flowers. Customers can also buy these flowers in the store according to the season.

Twin Shops is located in Dearborn Heights near 22722 Ford Road. It had a grand opening a few months ago and is now open as a space to relax, work and study while sipping coffee or ordering flowers.

Diebh Faraj, 30, of Dearborn, left, on Dec. 12, and Zainab Sobh, 25, donned permanent jewelry at her pop-up store at The Flower Shop Detroit in Dearborn Heights, where she From Canton, owner of Ayla's Links.  October 9, 2022 Flower shop coffee shop opening in October 2022.

On the business side, there is a refrigerator for fresh flowers and bouquets. In the middle of the room, at least 100 flower bouquet boxes line the walls. On the other side is the Coffee Shop, offering specialty and regular coffee drinks, pastries and cold treats starting at $5.50. Customers can request that their drinks contain regular, skim, oat, or almond milk.

On the @FlowerShopDetroit Instagram account, the business profile page showcases colorful floral creations for every occasion, with a casual coffee photo in the middle. The top seller right now is roses—flowers, not drinks.

“Everyone was shocked — whether it was flowers or coffee — and we got a lot of great feedback from everyone, but we just wanted to do something different,” Nedaa Sobh said. “It’s not just for our community, it’s almost a trend. I feel like it’s something other people are going to be like, ‘Wow, I really want to do this.'”

It is a family business owned by Mahmoud Mohamed Sobh and his son-in-law Mahmoud Hassan Sobh. Mahmoud Mohamed Sobh’s daughters Nedaa Sobh, Kawthar Sobh and Ghalia Sobh are also part of the day-to-day operations. This is not the family’s first business. Mahmoud Hassan Sobh owns a physiotherapy business in Southfield and his father-in-law owns a collision shop in Warren.

The Flower Shop Detroit X The Coffee Shop Detroit is a family owned business.  Nedaa Sobh, left, co-owner of Dearborn Heights Florist and Coffee Shop, with Kawthar Sobh, 27, and her husband Mikey Sobh at their shop in December.  October 9, 2022 Flower shop coffee shop opening in October 2022.

Originally, the family wanted to open a coffee shop next door. But two months before the florist’s opening date – which is October 10th. 30 — They decided to combine the two spaces.

Then Mahmoud Hassan Sobh said they asked themselves, “Why go somewhere else when we have enough room to do both? It’s unique and a little bit different. And then we started putting it together .”

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Nedaa Sobh, co-owner of The Flower Shop Detroit in Dearborn Heights, and Maria Gonzalez, 25, a florist from Allen Park, on Dec. 12 ) together to make a flower for a customer in their shop.  On October 9, 2022, the store is a combination of a flower shop and a coffee shop, and it will open in October 2022.

Flower boxes can be purchased in round or rectangular arrangements of small, medium and large. Customers can also order bouquets, wedding arrangements, funeral arrangements, baby shower flowers and proposals. Also came the Basket and Cradle. Handheld and boxed bouquets start at $55 and vary in price.

Customers get a free cup of coffee with every flower purchase, which Nedaa Sobh said got a lot of attention.

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