CSU apologizes for shouting ‘Russia’ at Utah State Ukrainian players at basketball game


CSU apologized to Utah State’s teenage Ukrainian guard after a crowd chanted “Russia” at him during a men’s basketball game Saturday night in Fort Collins, Colorado.

“We are aware that a small group of people in our student district chanted ‘Russia’ at a Utah student-athlete from Ukraine. On behalf of the State of Colorado, we apologize to the student-athlete and to Utah,” the school wrote in a statement series of tweets Sunday morning.

The chants could be heard when Max Shulga from Kyiv walked to the free throw line late in the game. Kyiv, the Ukrainian capital, has suffered most of Russia’s violence against the country, from heavy shelling to killing civilians trying to flee and attacking civilian settlements.

Since the invasion began, at least 7,110 Ukrainian civilians have been killed and 11,547 wounded as of January 30, according to the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR).

“This violates our strong belief in the Mountain West sportsmanship policy and University community principles,” Colorado continued. “Every participant, student and fan deserves to feel welcome at our venue and this is unacceptable in Colorado.”

Colorado State University men’s basketball coach Nico Medved also apologized on Twitter, saying: “I have great respect for @USUBasketball and Max Shulga. We have great fans and students, but this is unacceptable! I sincerely apologize.”

The Mountain West Conference told CNN in a statement that they are “aware of the circumstances and are currently reviewing the incident.”

Utah State University said in a statement that “its athletic department has the full support of Max Shulga and his family, who reside in Ukraine.”

“The incident that occurred last night at our men’s basketball game in Colorado was inappropriate and unacceptable,” the statement read. “We thank the Colorado state government and basketball staff for not condoning this behavior.”

Shulga had nine points and six assists in Utah’s 88-79 win over Colorado.

February 24 will be the one-year anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Ukraine’s front with Russia is at least 810 miles long. It moved back and forth as the hamlet came under Russian onslaught in the east of the country. Ukrainian officials now say Russia is planning a major attack in the coming weeks.

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