Bill will make businesses pay if they make you wait

If your doctor or maintenance person cancels your appointment last minute, will they have to pay for your time? Some state lawmakers say yes!

Rep. Keith Kidwell (R-Dare) has introduced a bill, the Customer Equivalent Time in Service Act, that would require this. If the bill becomes law, any service provider that bills customers when they cancel an appointment or are late will have to refund customers when the service is canceled or late.

Rep. Ben Moss (R-Richmond) co-sponsors the bill. “To me, it makes sense, it’s just common sense.”

Moss understands that people often have to reschedule their day, or even take time off work to get service appointments.

“It might inconvenience you, but you meet or you’re where you are, they don’t show up. So if you get penalized, it should be a two way street,” he said. “It should be the same way who Attempt to provide service. “

Moss expects the business community, as well as other affected groups such as the medical and dental industries, will likely resist the idea. He said they may push to amend the bill in committee.

“But I think if there are some businesses that have confidence in their service, they’ll see this as — not a challenge, but something that needs to happen to make sure we have a two-way street,” Moss said.

“No one’s time is more valuable than anyone else’s time. We all have obligations and things to do.”

The bill has gone to three different committees in the House of Representatives and then has to pass the Senate, so it has a long, long way to go before it becomes law.

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