Best of Business 2023 | World Bank Magazine Winners

WBJ’s Best in Business awards revolve around one idea: recommendation.

Worcester Business Journal presents other awards each year, such as 40 Women Under 40, Business Leader of the Year or Outstanding Woman in Business, who go through a nomination process and are selected by a vetted panel of judges. However, the Best in Business award is voted directly by WBJ readers.

The reason for the Best of Business selection process goes back to the idea of ​​recommendations. Rather than relying on the expertise of a small group of judges, these awards leverage the collective wisdom of WBJ’s Central Massachusetts readership of business decision makers to recommend the organizations that will best help your business succeed: Best Law Firm, Best Meeting Venue , the best plumber, the best after get off work bar, etc.

Besides the shared expertise of the area’s business community, who better to recommend the best companies in Central Massachusetts to you? This year marks the 10th year that WBJ has presented the Best of Business Awards, with more than 2,000 WBJ votes in the following 51 categories.As you’ll notice when you look at the lists below and the profiles on subsequent pages, many of this year’s winners are repeats of last year’s profiles, which are marked with an asterisk.


WBJ will recognize the winners at a special event on January 1 at 5 p.m. 26 at the Beechwood Hotel in Worcester. If you are free to attend the big event, I encourage you to come out and meet some of the best people in Central Massachusetts.

– Brad Kane, editor

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