A local business is preparing to partially close on Secor Rd.extended beyond 200 days

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) – Beginning Tuesday, January 3, a section of Secor Road will be closed for 210 days.

Due to bridge replacement, Secor Road will be partially closed from Dorr Street, between Valleston Parkway and Towerview Boulevard.

While the closure is modest, it will affect some local businesses as it will specifically block the entrance to the parking lot of local coffee shop Brew’s.

Brew’s assistant manager Delaney Fisher said a lot of people use the entrance, so it will be an adjustment for customers. While it would be an inconvenience, Fisher said she doesn’t expect to see any changes on the business side.

“Most of our business is from students. The students are coming back next week, so we’re not too worried about that. I’ve had a lot of regulars from Ottawa Hills tell us they’re not going to let that stop them from coming in,” Fei said. Scheer said.

The easiest way to access Brew during the shutdown is through the University of Toledo’s campus, Fisher said. You can still go to the coffee shops around Bancroft and Dorr Street.

“If you go down the Secor, you have to go through Bancroft anyway, so if you turn left into Bancroft and then turn into campus, it’s very similar,” Fisher said. “If you’re coming from this road, you’re only getting on at the UT entrance at Dorr, not turning into Secor and turning there.”

Fisher said Secor is probably the easiest way to get in by car, but many of their regular customers are walkers.

“A lot of students do walk here, or there’s a lot of medical students, so they come from UTMC, anyway,” Fisher said.

Mohamed-Abdul King is a regular at Brew. He said he came 7 days a week. While he usually comes in through the Secor entrance, he said he won’t be intimidated by the construction.

“I like the people who work here, and the place is quiet, so I can actually get more work done than if I were at home,” Kim said.

Detour signs will be placed in both directions.

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