14 Cheap Sandals That Are Comfortable and Durable

This article is part of spring fashion month, we’ll be breaking down your must-have fashion pieces over the next few months. From denim jackets to cozy sandals, we asked editors, influencers, and experts about their must-haves for spring and beyond.

Spring is synonymous with the ritual of putting away those bulky boots and slipping back into those cooler, cuter sandals. Questions about sandals? They may be very distressed for a period of time. That’s where we come in. With years of experience dealing with sandal season blisters and bleeds, our editors have found the most comfortable, versatile sandals on the market under $100. See all our selections below.

Underlined Teva Men's Original Universal Sandal

After starting kayaking last summer, I absolutely love my Tevas. I bought the basic sandals, which don’t offer a lot of support, but they’re super light, packable, comfortable, and best of all, they actually hold up when I’m swimming or wading ashore through mud. — Kay Burkhart, Associate Editor

Underlined Sanuk Yoga Sling 2

I have never found a more comfortable sandal than these. They are made of real yoga mats, which are very soft and comfortable. The fabric strap doesn’t give me blisters and I can wear it for hours. They also last for years! I have worn these shoes for over a decade and they are still as comfortable as when I first wore them. — Lindsay Smith, Associate Editor

Chaco Z Cloud X2 Underline Sandals

I’ve owned the same pair of Chacos for nine years. They take me on hikes, beach walks, city walks and more around the world. They are strong, comfortable, waterproof and easy to clean. During the summer, they are my go-to active sandals. The straps may take some time to get used to your perfect fit, but once they do, your feet will be supported and ready to tackle any terrain. Plus, they’re available in a variety of colors, so you’re likely to find a good deal! — Sophie Shaw, Associate Beauty Editor

Underlined Birkenstock Arizona Essentials EVA Sandal.jpg

It may not be original, but I do like my Birks. Made of waterproof EVA, these Arizona Essentials are super comfy and come in purple. I can wear them to the beach and pair them with a sundress for poolside cocktails. And, as a New Yorker, I can walk many blocks with almost no blisters. While Birkenstocks can be pricey, especially now that there’s a queue to get into the Soho store every weekend, I’m glad they’re under $50. — Tobey Grumet, Reviews Editor

Underlined Ms. Teva Original Universal.jpg

I’ve been a Teva convert for the past six years or so, and I don’t think that devotion will end anytime soon. Teva Original Universal sandals have always been a must-have in my wardrobe, helping me dress for all occasions. Whether I’m at the beach, hiking with friends or slipping them into a jumpsuit, these sandals add comfort and color to my spring/summer wardrobe. The sandals I wear right now have a lot of wear and tear and when I’m looking for efficient sandals that don’t hurt my feet these are my durable and reliable footwear of choice. Plus, they’re lightweight and small enough to fit in my carry-on bag for quick trips or on-the-go. With tons of color options and patterns available, I never tire of their designs (and prices). — Madison Yerke, social strategist

Dolce Vita Nairi Underlined Lace-Up Sandals

My ride or die sandals, all year round. I can dress them up however I want depending on the occasion, and despite being strappy sandals, they’re surprisingly comfortable. I think these shoes will never go out of style. — Hayley Kinne, Business Development Manager

Underlined Teva x Cotopaxi Universal Sandals.jpg

These Teva x Cotopaxi sandals have it all. Somehow, they feel completely weightless on my feet, and I’ve taken them on several trips with heavy walking with no issues at all. Because of their adjustable straps and lightweight foam footbed, I refuse to wait until summer to wear them, so they’re my indoor sock “slippers” when I’m working or moving around the house. Plus, their vibrant color blocks bring me a lot of joy. While this particular colorway has been discontinued, they have many other amazing models to choose from. — Contributing Editor Marissa Miller

Oofos Women's Ooahh Sandals Underlined.jpg

I’ll say this upfront: These slides aren’t cute. However, they are the most comfortable sandals you will ever put on your feet. Oofos makes shoes specifically for post-workout recovery – its proprietary OOfoam technology absorbs 37% more impact than traditional foam shoes. But they’re so delightfully supportive and soft that I wear them even on days when I don’t hit the gym. After wearing it a few times, it seems that it suddenly becomes less important…—— Chelsea Stone, Senior Editor

Underlined Steve Madden Women's Balance Sandals

If you’re looking for a quick and versatile option for the warmer months, look no further than the Y2K-inspired Steve Madden sandal. They can be dressed up or down with equal ease, and are my go-to when I’m not sure how fancy or casual my destination is. Neutral colors go with basically everything, which is definitely a bonus when I don’t want to think too much about my outfit but still want to look good. As for comfort, the elastic fabric straps on the top fit snug enough around my feet so I don’t have to worry about them slipping off. The 2″ platform is a nice bonus – it and the textured straps on top make this pair of slides less than a pair of overly simple slides (of course, I’ll take whatever extra height I can get). — Morgan Pryor, Underlined Intern

Underlined Nike Victori One Slides.jpg

Despite what their name would have you believe, these Nike slippers won’t slip off your feet—trust me, I’ve tried. They’re a bit narrow, which gives them an extra source of support, which is especially helpful when wet. They have a contoured grip footbed reminiscent of running shoes, so I can wear them for hours without any pain. I have high insteps, but because the straps are lined with cushioning, my soles didn’t get blisters even after long wears. — Contributing Editor Marissa Miller

Underlined A New Day Women's Lulu Slipper Sandal.jpg

These are by far the sandals I wear the most! They’re comfortable yet chic, and can be dressed up or down depending on how I dress.live in the city, i walk everywhere – especially once the weather warms up. After a summer of heavy wear, I found them to hold up really well. For less than $20, I may need to buy a few more colors! — Julia Leinhauser, Associate Manager, Affiliate Partnerships

Underlined Teva Women's Medium Universal Sandal.jpg

Let me join the chorus of Teva Love here: they are amazing. I could never find sandals that would stand up to the beach, airport trips, miles of NYC streets and everything in between…until I came across this amazing pair of beautiful and colorful shoes. The Midform is a bit taller than other Teva soles out there, but it’s not wobbly, and it’s just the right height so I don’t feel like my toes are dangerously close to dirty sidewalks or subway platforms. I’ve owned them for over a year now and they still look and feel the same as they did out of the box. Plus, I love the metallic shades of lavender, orange, and light brown, which are the perfect contrast to an all-black ensemble, or to complement my outfit. — Rachel Lubitz, Senior Lifestyle Editor

Underlined Adidas Adilette Slides.jpg

Some things never change – the iconic navy and white striped adidas slide is one of them. These are actually my second pair of shoes (the first was a heirloom from my cousin and about twice the size) but now that they fit, it’s clear there’s a reason these simple loafers are classic of. – Chelsea Stone, Senior Editor

Underlined Tkees Lily Nude Flip Flops.jpg

These flip flops are a smart, minimalist choice for a beach vacation because they lay flat and complement any outfit. They’re available in a variety of neutral colors, whether you’re looking to pair with a summery tan or looking for a pretty complementary shade. — Caroline Curran, Associate Editor

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